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YouTube comments can be got through YouTube Videos and this will help to know the views of different people for the posted videos. This is considered as the feedback and it has the ability to gain or loss the popularity of a person.

The more creativity should be maintained in posting the videos, which is posted to attain more comments. The videos should have good quality and it should not be too long to see. If the video run for a long time, the viewers start to skip the video and they did not give good comments

The videos should be so crisp and there should be an entertainment. The videos will tell more than words and that should not be so informative. The valuable comments will give you real fans and they will be increased day by day.

YouTube Comments will be helpful in getting the subscribers and this will increase the friends. The comments should be posted in a friendly way and the community can also be created, which need to be posted the same subject.


The videos should be shared and that should be first made with the friends. Since, they only post the real comments regarding the post. The comments for the update should be more than hundreds and this only help to increase the popularity.

The quality of the videos should be that much good and once it achieved should maintain properly. The friends from other communities can be invited to leave a YT comments for the particular post. This will make their friends to follow you.


The URL of the video should be given link in some other site, which makes more visitors. The links should be given at the interested area so that many people will see it regarding the interest. The comments should be got within few hours of posting or the videos will not get popularized even when there is for long time.

The official site can also be linked to the videos, when it is created for business purpose. This will surely increase the sales and the marketing niche can be popularized. The videos can be a demo one for the products and these are considered as the business strategies.

YouTube Comments can be increased only at the time of online presence. It should be maintained properly, since the responses should be made. All the comments should be in a professional way and this will return you as popularity.

Proper following

Follow the people who are following you without fail and this will help you to get more followers. The followers post should be properly commented and they should not be exploited. The real fans only give the genuine comments and that only help you in all way.

The profile should be built in a proper way along with proper real details. The followers should not be got tired in searching an account. YouTube Comment will help to get real fans from various countries, who want your fame.

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March 1st, 2013 at 4:57 pm

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